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Calculating the Area of the House

In this mad real estate rush, builders often bombard you with brochures, flyers, flashy presentations and smart sales pitch peppered with some buzzwords. For a new buyer, all this might be overwhelming and even confusing. One such thing is the area of the house.

Real estate firms often use three different concepts (carpet area, built-up area and super built-up area) to convey the area of the house and the buyers must be aware of what the builder or seller implies when he talks about the area of the house.

Carpet Area

This is the area that is within the walls of your home. It gives you an idea of how much space is enclosed by the walls of your home. Note that this does not include the area occupied by the walls. In other words, if you were to lay out a wall-to-wall carpet in your home, this much is the area you carpet has to have.

Built-up Area

Built-up area includes the area enclosed by the walls and the area occupied by the walls. This would be higher than the carpet area as it is the some of carpet area and the area of the walls.

Super Built-up Area

Most builders and developers often use this term to convey the area of the house or apartment. Super built-up area includes carpet area, the area occupied by the walls and your apartment’s proportionate share of the common spaces of the building such as the lobby, lift, staircase and corridors.

Some builders even include the terrace, pump house, security room, the area occupied by the compound wall of the building. The total area of these is divided by the number of flats in proportion to their size and the result is added to the super built-up area.

Always check with your builder or seller what exactly he means by super built-up area and how he calculates that figure. Then make comparisons between various houses you are considering to buy. Do not compare carpet area to built-up area or built-up area to super built-up area, etc. To get the best value for your money, stick to one concept of area of the house.

Also while purchasing lands or plots do not be confused with various units used to measure the area, such as square feet, square yards, acres and hectares.

Calculators ease the work of property owner while entering their property details in the forms.

What is an EMI?

EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) is the amount payable to the lending institution every month, till the loan is paid back in full. It consists of a portion of the interest as well as the principal.

How is an EMI calculated?

EMI Formula: l x r [(1+r) n / (1+r) n-1] x 1/12
l = loan amount
r = rate of interest
n = term of the loan

Area Conversion Calculator

Here is a simple calculator to convert the measure of area of a land from one unit to any other related units.


EMI Calculator   Affordability Calculator
Area Conversion Calculator